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(Mar.2.2013) Claude Monet in Philadelphia Museum of Art

A couple days ago, I took my third visit to PMA and I couldn’t take my eyes off of these beautiful paintings by Claude Monet, the founder of French impressionist painting. Although I enjoy a broad spectrum of arts, Monet’s work has to be on the top of my list because it’s just simply pleasant. His works definitely makes me want to go to the places depicted in the paintings.

In real life, the colors of the paintings were so splendid, and I felt like they were luminescing. In the first painting [Morning at Antibes] especially, I thought that golden leaves would fall off the paintings. The description box mentioned that Monet wrote “How beautiful it is here, to be sure, but how difficult to paint! I can see what I want to do quite clearly but I’m not there yet. It’s so clear and pure in its pinks and blues that the slightest misjudged stroke looks like a smear of dirtto his future wife. 

Hope you enjoy Monet’s works and the spring breeze 

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